Kundalini Meditation For Addiction, Effective or Not?

We all have problems and many times we reach out to spiritual practices to better deal with our real life. The ego is kind of like a child in our brain while the https://cbschr.ru/konsultacii/kak-ispolzovat-kratkie-formy-glagola-to-be-be-inspired-vse-o-glagole-to-be.html higher self is the all-knowing adult. To sit in this part of our mind gives us a greater ability to see the underlying feeling that causes the compulsions.

This release of energy promotes internal balance, awakening, and enlightenment. As Yogi Bhajan says, there are many different forms of yoga that can get you to the “promised land” in your mind. Consider it the airplane option when you want to get somewhere fast (in your life). Our higher self is our true self and it makes decisions for the greater good. The difference with Kundalini yoga is that we’re flying to the destination as opposed to walking, going by horseback, or driving. Meditation practiced will help your deep dive into the present moment.

Breathwork and Pranayama Techniques

You don’t mask your pain—instead, it helps you to reveal the pain and then release it. I have been in the middle of doing a kriya, or practice, and suddenly, tears are rolling down my face. I feel emotional pain coming all the way up from my root and then the pain stops once the tears roll. If you get into the swing of this powerful practice, you will literally feel that energy going up your spine and out of the top of your head. Another impact of Kundalini meditation on the brain is the enhancement of emotional regulation.

Through the daily practice of Kundalini, I slowly felt those layers disappear. There was physical pain I had to break through and there were tears. It was hard and I sometimes cursed the challenges of the poses.

Kundalini and addiction.

They’re struggling to keep up with the stresses of modern luxury. Therefore, addiction occurs because of some genetic and environmental issues. This could be anywhere from three minutes to two and a half hours. Some common choices of meditation http://aquarion.ru/view_post.php?id=1315 length are 11 minutes, 15 minutes, 22 minutes, 31 minutes, etc. Now all this is rather depressing except for the fact that we do have some very effective vitamin and mineral supplements available to us that can satisfy our bodies.

  • If a person isn’t fully prepared for the experience, some people claim they may experience long-term negative effects.
  • It might be our surroundings or due to your need to numb yourself.
  • While further research is needed, the current studies suggest that yoga and meditation may bring the parts of the brain that are affected by PTSD and addiction back to a normal state.
  • Actually the addictive power is a spiritual necessity and gift.
  • Addiction often stems from an attempt to cope with or escape from difficult emotions.

Since Kundalini Meditation begins with simply breathing, it is quite easy to start right away. Additionally, I recommend studying various Kundalini references online and viewing some Kundalini Yoga YouTube videos that teach these principles. You may even want to consider combining this practice with meditative audio programs as described in this article about http://www.ocean-elzy.net/greats-efgh/175/ sacred acoustics and binaural beats recordings. This could be the start of a wonderful, fulfilling new practice that will bring peace and happiness to your life. There are also certain areas of the brain which play a key role in addictions. One pathway is related to the experience of craving and the other is related to the conscious control of craving.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials of Using Kundalini Meditation for Addiction Recovery

If you are struggling with addiction, and working on your recovery, meditation is an excellent way to connect with your spirituality. Deep breathing and focusing on your breath for at least a few minutes daily is a great way to start. As thoughts and distractions pass through your mind, you can learn to let them go without attachment. As you focus on your breathing, in and out, visualize the energy concentrated at the base of the spine. Your spiritual energy will help you to overcome your addiction. Even if you are receiving medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction, you can greatly benefit from the spiritual practice of Kundalini Meditation.

I believe we were given this quality to be able to hold on to our experience of God. Maybe weight and food problems are not really about food and weight. Maybe we should start out by loving our bodies as they are.